Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Color Burst with a stencil technique

Today I thought I'd give you a technique in pictures for using Color Burst with a stencil.  Here is a card I made with one of the prints as well as the other two prints I made during the process. I offset the cover plate die just a bit to allow the Color Burst print to show thru.  The dahlia stamp was embossed with a burgundy powder and then I added water and dropped in some of the Merlot Color Burst mixed in water on each petal mixed in water on each petal
I started with a stencil I had already cut and used several times.  This Hexagon cover plate die is by Papertrey Ink.  I love this die and once I get it out, I have trouble moving onto something else.  I had cut my stencil from a soft plastic material which may have been a report cover originally.  The watercolor paper I prefer to use is Canson  XL. I cut a 9x12 sheet into quarters which makes it a great size to work with for cards.

Lay the stencil down and start sprinkling on Color Burst gently.  I used Merlot, Burnt Orange and Yellow Ochre from the Earth tones set.  See how little it looks like I've used?  The color is so deep and rich, this will be plenty.
Next I spritz the Color Burst with water.  Not too much or it will start to run under the stencil. As you can see in the final product, it spread out enough to fill the spaces with even this small amount of water.

I lightly spritzed my next piece of watercolor paper and gently lifted the stencil and turned it over onto it.  I let this one set for a minute or so for the color to spread. As you can see my paper started to curl because I did not bother to secure it down.  No worries.  The paper isn't so wet that anything ran and it flattened out when it dried.
Here is how it looked when I removed the stencil.

I did the same thing for the third piece.

Here are my 3 prints from right to left.

Since I had my hexagon cover plate die out for today's card, I decided to make another card from a background  piece I had previously made.  The spirit of Christmas took hold of me while I was assembling this one and I had to use this scrolled Joy stamp embossed on velum to finish it off. The Delightful Dahlia stamp and dies are also by Papertrey Ink.

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